Growing Up Geek Part 1: Introduction

A long time ago in a childhood not so far away, I was somewhat of an artist. I produced over 300 pieces of artwork over the course of my childhood. Recently I took it upon myself to scan this collection and over the next several weeks I would like to share some of my favorite creations with y’all.

The title of the series says a lot about the content of these works. I was, am, and always will be a geek. As a kid I watched Star Trek and Star Wars, played DOS games like Raptor and Stargunner, and collected a plethora of Pokémon cards.

I processed these cultural concoctions through art. With a pencil, a marker, and a little free time I busted out drawing after drawing depicting the images swimming around in my head. Often I recreated scenes from movies or games. Other times I mashed up different scenes or games in a glorious orgy of geekery.

Not every piece was a winner, but as I went through the papers recently, I found far more value than I thought I would. I hope you find some amusement, inspiration, or simply diversion in the works I post here. Thanks to the Internet they can now find an audience I could only dream of reaching all those years ago.

Today’s Image: I played a lot of two particular top-down scrolling shooters in the mid-90’s: Overkill and Raptor: Call of the Shadows. This drawing is a mashup of the two games, taking the body style of the player’s ship from the former and then applying the weapons and markings from the latter, with a few of my own additions.

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