FormSpring: What was the happiest moment in your life?

This is a hard one, mainly because the word “happy” contains many facets (such as contentment, euphoria, and joy), each with their own distinct moments of greatest intensity.

My most content moment was this past February, and it’s a bit too personal to describe in detail. Let’s just say that a window, a girl, and a fresh snow were all involved.

My most euphoric moment to date was about 2 years ago, at the moment that I watched the student population of Texas Tech rush the field as we beat the University of Texas at home. It was the culmination of one of the most interesting, spirited weeks of my life and the absolute high point of my time at Texas Tech.

My most joyous moment is also a bit personal. The most I’ll say is that I might be able to talk about the circumstances in a few years.

Hope that’s enough of an answer for ya! 🙂

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