My Life in Red and Black

This article ran as on Op-Ed in The Daily Toreador on May 5, 2010 I came to Texas Tech in the fall of 2006. Four years, 89 papers, 96 tests, hundreds of quizzes, dozens of professors, thousands of study hours, thousands of reading pages, two sleepless nights, three laptop batteries, dozens of parties, thousands of […]

Data Control is the 21st-Century Nuclear Arms Race

(This post also ran as an Op-Ed in the Daily Toreador.) Imagine a world without the Internet. Scary, right? Even though it was a mere 30 years ago that we lived in a world virtually devoid of large-scale computer networks, it is almost impossible to imagine living a comfortable modern life without the Internet. Networked […]

Apple’s Drunken FAIL of the Year

(This post also ran as an Op-Ed in the Daily Toreador on April 21st, 2010) Apple got a chink in its brushed aluminum armor this week. First, a brief summary of the story as it stands (according to On March 18th, Apple software designer Gray Powell decided to have some drinks at a local […]

Square up! Location has arrived

The following article appeared as an Op-Ed in the Daily Toreador on March 25th, 2010. So you’re in a pretty comfortable place. You’ve got an iPhone and you’re just starting to get a handle on the mobile scene. You’ve followed in Ashton and Oprah’s footsteps and gotten a Twitter account. You take pictures with your […]

Apple, Microsoft make mediocre moves

I never thought I would see the day when Apple and Microsoft, perhaps the two biggest rivals in the computing industry, would disappoint me so much in a single week. As I write this, I have just finished watching the Apple keynote speech from their Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), which takes place this week in […]