Money => Power
But does Power => Money? 🤔

This post is a confession, a declaration, and a request.


Something I’m realizing in transitioning from monastic life back into “lay” life: I’ve got some pretty outdated beliefs about my own abilities and what they’re worth financially.

These beliefs are holding me back, affecting my relationships, and most importantly, restricting the good that I can do in the world. I won’t name them all, but it boils down to: my time is not worth other’s money, unless I’m doing tech consulting or working a “regular” job.


Here’s what’s actually true…

  • I have done *significant* emotional, spiritual, and psychological healing in the last 4 years
  • I have trained hard for *several thousand* hours in solo and group Awareness practices during this time
  • Teachers, friends, and strangers now *regularly* reflect how powerful and competent I am in these domains, how much I’ve grown, and how much value they derive from my presence and leadership.

Now, I’m totally down to keep doing tech consulting. I’m damn good at it. Talk to Sara Ness, Jane Hayes, Max Strom) or anyone else I’ve served for the last 6 years. But it’s not the only way I want to earn a living.

So here’s me saying it officially:
I want to Upgrade my money game.

Right now I’m doing the Level Up training from CircleAnywhere to get officially minted as a Facilitator. I want to lead circles for a living. I want to travel and coach others in the practices I know – hardcore meditation and relational arts. I want to empower people to Wake Up and Thrive while we still have cheap food, sane weather and Internet access.

And even though I don’t yet know how to get there, this feels like the next step. I’m open to being totally wrong. Feedback, failure, and iteration are part of the process.


So here’s my Ask for you:

  • Suggest ways that I could do this (short term, long term)
  • Straight-up give me money (or crypto)
  • Pay me for my time (my attention is worth $70+ per hour)
  • Invite me to join your project, collaborate on a retreat, lead a workshop, or be your meditation coach
  • Share your honest impact on reading this post

I’m here.
I’ve got Wisdom, Power and Love to give.
And I am worth it.

Thanks for reading 💪❤️

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