Leap Motion falls short (for now)

Yes, I bought a Leap Motion.

Yes, it kinda sucks. For now.

I was going to write a lot more on why and how, but a couple of folks have covered my thoughts pretty well (which is disturbing, because that might indicate a consistently poor experience).

From Scott Hanselman:

To be really clear, I totally respect the engineering here and I have no doubt these folks are smarter than all of us. Sure, it’s super cool to wave your hand above a Leap Motion and go “whoa, that’s my hand.” But that’s the most fun you’ll have with a Leap Motion, today.


I’ve used mine twice  in the month since it arrived, for about an hour each session. This is one situation where the payoff may come much farther down the road, if at all. I’ll re-evaluate things in a month or so once more apps have arrived, but something tells me this particular leap doesn’t end well for us early adopters.

Good reading:

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